I dreamt of a country
Where women are free
Free to live their life
Free to have their own style…
Free to walk on the darker street
Under the shaded light of the moon.

Girls of four get molested,
Women of forty also get raped
And you talk about the traditions , Culture, Values.

Dear society you need to change your mind
And not the attire of a women.

You get life from the women’s womb
So don’t try to teach her about norms

We belong to the 21st century
And knows to play the vital role
Of a daughter, mother , wife, & sister .

Don’t teach us how to sit, walk, talk or laugh
We have more ethics than you
Gods best creation
The ability of the Nature
The whole universe is incomplete

Thats we “the women”.

Mrs. Sonali Priyadarshini Jena
Teacher, GNPS, BBSR

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