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Pollution has always been a problem for the human society,caused by humans need for comfort over-exploitation of the environment for the resources. Our greed has led to massive deterioration & over use of the environment, which is threatening for future development & resources & also having detrimental effects on people, wildlife & vegetation.
Urbanisation of most places & deforestation for clearing land has highly reduced the number & the size of forests & huge tree, groves, threatening the life of the species inside it. Moreover the reduction in the amount of trees cannot keep up with the subsequent increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, distributing the ecology. With the amount of carbon dioxide increasing every day due to burning of fuels in vehicles & rural homes to cook, harmful ignition of waste products, the amount of oxygen in the air is decreasing. Moreover, the presence of CO2 in the air & other toxic like carbon monoxide, (result from unburnt fuels) often cause acid rain, causing damage to vegetation & infrastructure. This acidic rain, when mixes with the soil, it acidifies the soil & halts the development of crops, turning the soil infertile. This is one of the causes of soil pollution, including the overuse of chemical fertilisers & insecticides, which not only do turn the soil infertile but also gets into water sources from irrigation channels, harming the aquatic life & turning the water dangerous & unfit for drinking. Water sources are also often used as dumping sites for untreated chemicals production of companies polluting the rivers & lakes.
If the overexploitation continues, not only will we run out of fuel & other fossil fuels but cause permanent harm to the environment like abnormal weather & melting of icebergs which is detrimental to us . Thus speading awareness among all to take necessary counter measures such as using public transport & CNG run vehicles for transport, planting trees , using LPG as fuel rather than chemical fertilizers, conditioning proper treatment & dumping sites for hazardous wastes & undertaking sustainable environment are some of them . Thus, we should vow to ourselves & resolve to fight pollution before it’s too late.

Name- Jinisha Pr. Mishra
Std- IX

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