Art and craft on exhibition day


Dance on a exhibition day

At Guru Nanak English Medium Public School –II, we are passionate about teaching the rich artistic heritage of Indian classical & folk dance . Our dance performances are a fantastic opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the graceful and rhythmic movements.


Music Lessons in GNPS 2

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing or playing an instrument. Musical training helps to develop language and reasoning. Our school helps the students to learn music which helps them to develop emotionally and to have higher self-esteem. Kids were taught here to sing and play different musical instruments.


Yoga on exhibition day

Sitting at a desk for hours a day, going back home and pouring over books to finish the daily homework assignments, studying and acing numerous tests, participating in various activities all cause the body and mind to tense up for which Guru Nanak Public School provides Yoga an elixir that works on almost every new age predicament such as obesity, depression, diabetes and panic attacks, is not a solution only for grownups but also for young children and can help them lead a better life style as they grow up.


Self defence classes

Karate is a martial art form which relies on acute physical coordination and mental focus. Our aim is to bring the benefits of karate training to as many students as possible, helping them to build their self confidence and emotional skills so they have the chance to reach their full potential in everything they do.

Self Defence
Guru Nanak Public School -II believes that personal safety education is a critical life skill that all students should have access to. We know personal safety is a priority since it is reflected in the personal safety component of the healthy living curriculums. We provide special trained self defence teacher for our girl students.