The focus of our kindergarten section is to instill independent learning, creative thinking and excellent communication skills to arm the children to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Guru nanak Public School is one of Bhubaneshwar’s top care providers with exceptional staff.

  1. Overall growth

    Our programme for kindergarten is designed to give a joyful experience for students 3 to 6 years, an age where physical and mental growth is accelerated and encompassing. At this juncture, our faculty steps in to identity, nurture and help the students’ academic and non-academic potential for their holistic development.

  2. Holistic development

    Our teaching techniques encompass a theme-based activity oriented teaching- learning process.

  3. Co-Curricular activities: Co-Curricular

    Activities are taken very seriously from a young age. Be it sports, dance, art or music, students are mentored as per their interests. Thus encouraging them to shower their inner talents.
    Assessments and Achievements
    Students go through a number of assessments in a year. Answer sheets are marked with grades. There are two Periodic tests in July and November. There are also two major assessments termed half yearly and final in the months of September and February respectively.