A memorable trip to Barunei and Atri

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Our school always takes us in an educational tour once a year. In this
educational tour we have enjoyed very much. We had hired a bus and a
van for this purpose. There we 50 students and 4 teachers in that trip.
We left the school campus at 11.30am. there was good interaction
between the teachers and the students with fun, singing and games. In
this educational tour first we went to Barunei hill, which is dedicated to
called Swarna Ganga flows down the hill and it has many medicinal
properties. India’s first mutiny against British Raj started from here in the
year of 1817. Then we went to Atri. Atri is a famous for its perennial hot
spring. It has medical properties which are used both intensively and
extensively for the hot spring 57degree celcious contains small dose of
sulphur flavour when heated to 100 degree celcious. We have enjoyed
the much finally; we reached our city at 6.00pm. Our families were
waiting for us. We enjoyed educational tour very much.

Name -Jogendra Reddy
Class- VI B

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